Our Story

About Us

The modern pace of life is ever increasing, days pass in a frenzy, and the calendars turn over before we’re entirely aware of what transpired. Our mission is to offer the ability to transform a space with minimal additions in an effort to expand time and experience life in its entirety. We are inspired by the moment, the tradition of taking time to soak in everything, absorbing the beauty in every second.  

We firmly believe that our lives are a journey and that our little corners of the world, our homes, offer a clear reflection of who we are and the path we are walking. Just as it is of the utmost importance to the people we surround ourselves with, so too are the things that take up physical space in our home. 

Mass-produced items with little character are flooding the average home, bringing with them limited value to be added to one’s experiences. We purchase items that we know at the moment will be temporary. 

Get back to making your home a sanctuary, filled with unique individual pieces that you can treasure for a lifetime. Items that will be there with you throughout your journey, adding meaning and elevating your life through the enhancement of moments. 

Whether it’s infusing the air with your favorite scent, setting the mood before your meditation, or creating an intimate atmosphere before a dinner. Fill your home with items that bring meaning and value along with a timeless style. Do things with intention, and create a more mindful existence. 

Remember, what you surround yourself with matters, fill your space with things that bring meaning and last a lifetime. 

Our Story

Our family started Euperion because we were finding it hard to find quality pieces for our home that are both affordable and matched our values and style. Pieces that are minimal and sophisticated, yet are sustainable and thoughtfully created. Our products and curated brands are all handmade by skilled artisans, ranging from our products which are mostly crafted by hand in Bend, OR, to our curated brands of mostly woman owned companies here in the US and abroad.

We buck the trend of fast fashion and decor to introduce products that we hope will be handed down from one generation to the next. Quality, handmade products that will stand the test of time. Modern pieces that are also timeless. 


Our packaging is all paper based and is either biodegradable or reusable. We are constantly moving in the direction of sourcing eco friendly materials while maintaining our excellent quality.