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Guten Co.

Hairpin Mug - Matte Black

Hairpin Mug - Matte Black

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Introducing the handmade Matte Black Hairpin Coffee Mug from Guten Co., where modern sophistication meets rebellious spirit. Each mug is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans out of San Antonio, TX, who infuse their passion and creativity into every detail. The matte black finish adds an air of mystery and intrigue, while the sleek lines and edgy contours bring contemporary artistry to your daily coffee ritual.

Not just a mug, this statement piece rebels against the mundane, demanding attention wherever it rests. The hairpin handle invites you to embrace each moment and savor the aroma and flavor of your favorite brew. Its ergonomic shape fits snugly in your hand, providing comfort and confidence with every sip. Crafted from resilient materials, this mug withstands the tests of everyday life, maintaining its enchanting allure over time.

This handmade Hairpin Mug is your perfect companion, adding a dash of rebellious charm to your morning routine. It defies the ordinary, reflecting your unique personality and individuality. Let this mug become your accomplice, as you brew your favorite beverage and embark on a journey of flavor and self-expression. Embrace the fusion of modern design, artisanal craftsmanship, and a touch of rebellious spirit with this extraordinary mug.


Handmade in high fire porcelain, matte black glaze


7” x 3.75” x 2.5”

Holds 8.5 oz.

Care Instructions

This piece is dishwasher safe and withstands daily use beautifully with just a few stipulations — it should not be placed over direct heat, heated to over 300 degrees, or shocked from one temperature to another.

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